9. High Street & Ye Olde Black Boy
High Street is Hull's oldest and historically most important street. It once served as base for the city's wealthy merchant families. Their fine houses, still here today, connected to their riverside warehouses by a network of narrow staithes.

On your left sits Ye Olde Black Boy, one of Larkin's favourite pubs in the Old Town. In 1977 he gave a talk here on Pee Wee Russell and played a selection of his records to the Hull Jazz Record Society.

Passing Maister House, built in 1743 and now a National Trust property. you shortly reach the Museums Quarter.

The Hull and East Riding Museum shows you the area's rich archaeological background, while at the adjacent Streetlife Museum you can steal an imaginary ride on a 'flat-faced trolley', peer in a replica Cooperative store and watch archive footage of Hull's bustling docks.

Permanently moored alongside the rear of the Streetlife Museum is the Arctic Corsair, Hull's last side-winder trawler, while next door is Wilberforce House, 'the slave museum'.



GPS (WGS84) Co-ordinates

Latitude: 53° 44.5681
Longitude: 0° 19.8689

OS Co-ordinates
Easting: 510162
Northing: 428670
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