6. Land of Green Ginger
'Land of Green Ginger' is one of the most unusual street names in the country and 'Bowlalley Lane' is equally intriguing. For writers, the Old Town names are a gift; both Winifred Holtby and Alan Plater used 'Land of Green Ginger' as titles.

Plater and Larkin became friends, brought together by their love of jazz music. Larkin was in the audience for Plater's jazz opera 'Prez' and was later to 'appear' as a ghostly character in Sweet Sorrow, Plater's play about an annual get-together in Larkin's honour.

In the days when Larkin frequented this area, most pubs closed at 10.30 pm and streetlights in some parts of the city centre were then switched off; by 10.45 pm Whitefriargate could be in complete darkness.

At the bottom of Whitefriargate the pedestrianised area gives way to the traffic of Silver Street, with its fine arcade. Before turning the corner to enter Trinity Square, you might like to take a look at England's smallest window, in The George pub.



GPS (WGS84) Co-ordinates

Latitude: 53° 44.5937
Longitude: 0° 20.0601

OS Co-ordinates
Easting: 509950
Northing: 428713
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