23. Beverley
Beverley is a busy, ancient market town, dominated by the majestic Minster.

After his cycling expeditions around East Yorkshire, Larkin would often stop for tea at The Beverley Arms Hotel. According to Maeve Brennan, the Beverley Arms was 'our favourite place' where their friendship 'entered a new and headier phase'. It was also the place to which, in 1959, Larkin invited twelve or so junior library staff to dinner to say thanks for ensuring the success of the newly extended University library.

Close by the Beverley Arms is North Bar, part of the town's ancient walls. Beyond the archway, round to your left, lies Beverley Westwood, a large undulating common, grazed by free-roaming cattle. Opposite the Westwood is Beverley Racecourse, which is also home to one of the Larkin Toad artworks, created as part of the Larkin25 arts programme in 2010. Popular Hull band The Neat designed the Toad you can see here.

HU17 8DD


GPS (WGS84) Co-ordinates

Latitude: 53° 50.6299
Longitude: 0° 26.0543

OS Co-ordinates
Easting: 503115
Northing: 439755

Image © Joe Johnson
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