21. The Humber Bridge
During his visits to the Hartleys in Hull Road, Larkin would often accompany them on a walk with their children, down to Hessle Haven and along the shingly foreshore. Here, standing 'where sky and Lincolnshire and water meet', you can see how Larkin captured Hull's comparative isolation.

When Larkin wrote this description, as part of 'The Whitsun Weddings', that sense of 'standing apart' was much stronger, as it was before the advent of the Humber Bridge. This iconic structure negated the need for the ferry trip over the river that Larkin so enjoyed. Nevertheless, he agreed to write the words for 'Bridge for the Living', to mark the bridge's opening in 1981.

Today, the Humber Bridge links the two counties by car in a matter of minutes, or by walkway in half an hour.

HU13 0HB


GPS (WGS84) Co-ordinates

Latitude: 53° 42.8631
Longitude: 0° 27.0504

OS Co-ordinates
Easting: 502337
Northing: 425325

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