14. Pearson Park
In 1956, Larkin moved to the attic flat at no.32, which was owned by the University. He felt at ease behind its 'sun-comprehending glass' and lived in the flat for the next 18 years.

Larkin said: 'Pearson Park exercises a fascination over me and I always enjoy an hour in it'. Much of the footage for the BBC's Monitor programme was filmed in the flat.

Pearson Park and his attic flat provided Larkin with the perfect ambience for writing. The poems that comprise his two volumes The Whitsun Weddings and High Windows were written here, including 'Toads Revisited', 'Broadcast' and Vers de Société.'

When the University decided to sell the entire house in 1974, Larkin was obliged to find somewhere else to live and reluctantly became an owner-occupier in Newland Park.



GPS (WGS84) Co-ordinates

Latitude: 53° 45.4620
Longitude: 0° 21.3408

OS Co-ordinates
Easting: 508505
Northing: 430290
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