12. Hull Royal Infirmary
This 14-storey hospital, 'higher than the handsomest hotel', was built in 1967 and is the site of one of Larkin's longer poems, 'The Building'. From the top floor of the University's Brynmor Jones Library it was - and still is - possible to see the Infirmary, since, as Larkin noted, 'The lucent comb shows up for miles'.

'The Building' was written five years after the hospital's construction, long before Larkin became so well-acquainted with its wards and corridors. He was an inpatient on several occasions and spent some time here shortly before his death in 1985.

Since then, Hull Royal Infirmary has constructed several new buildings on its expanding site and the tower block with which Larkin was so familiar no longer stands in isolation.



GPS (WGS84) Co-ordinates

Latitude: 53° 44.6280
Longitude: 0° 21.5508

OS Co-ordinates
Easting: 508310
Northing: 428738
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